Publication Process

Describes How the Journal Publication Process Works.

“Journal Research Publication” is a Wordpress Plugin Specially Designed for Creating Publication House.

Any one can Setup their Journal Publication House in Minutes.

Academic Article(aka Journal) Publishers can Accept Articles using this plugin by Simply Submitting it from the Website Submission form. Publisher can Manage & Publish Articles using the Plugin.

Plugin can be used by any Person/ Group of Persons who want to Start their Academic Publication house.


Shows how Admin and Author can use and Manage Articles. This also depicts roles of Admin/Author on Each Step.

  1. Author : Author submits Article using Article Submission Page.

  2. Admin/System : Article will be saved in the system(Articles Section).

  3. Reviewer/Admin : Reviewer/Admin Verifies the Article's Credibility and adds Review for it.(Review Submission)

  4. Admin : Admin verifies the Review(s) submitted by Reviewer(s) and Updates the Review Status (Accept/Reject)

    1. On Accept : Article Status gets Updated to "Accepted" & Article will further go in Publication Process.

    2. On Reject : Article will again available to Reviewers for Review Submission (Review Submission)

  5. Admin/System : Admin will verify the Article and Update the Article Status (Accepted/Rejected)

  6. Author : Author can check Article Status using Know Article Status Page.

  7. Author : Author have to submit Copyrights doc and payment Receipt if article status is "Accepted". He can submit the Copyright Doc and Payment Receipt(offline payment) using Upload Copyright Doc and Upload Payment Receipt Pages Respectively.

  8. Admin/System : Admin will verify Copyright Doc and payment receipt from Admin Side (Journal Research > Copyrights Doc, Payment Receipt)

  9. Admin/System: After Verification, Admin will upload Formatted Article(pdf) and change the Status to "Published".

  10. Author : Author can view the Published Article in Issues Pages

This is how any basic journal publication Websites work.

Journal Research Publication Plugin was created using above Process. There are so many other publication processes that is being followed by different Journal Publication Houses.

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