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Journal Research Grid

To Add & Format "Journal Research Grid" Element in a Page.
This Widget Adds a Grid View of Selected Issues(Published) on any Page. Each Grid Box shows a Magazine Front Page Kind of Image with Volume-Issue Numbers + it's "Issue Page" URL.
It Enhances the Look & Feel of "Published Issues" Page and Also helps Admin Add a Separate Image for Each "Published Issue".
View of Single Issue (Published) Card
WPBakery Page Builder Wordpress Plugin Must be Installed to Use this Element.

About Widget Element

  • You can Design your own "Enhanced Published Issues Listing Page".
  • Add "any Number of Issues" that you want to List on a Page.
  • You can Skip any Issue if you don't want to Show in Frontend.

To Add & Format "Journal Research Grid" Element (Frontend).

  • Create a Page from “Admin>Pages>Add New”. OR "Edit" any Page on which you want to ADD this Widget.
  • Find "Page Body / Main Content" Section.
  • Click on "Add New Element". This will show List of Elements.
ADMIN : Add Element Modal in Edit Page
  • Search or Find Element Named "Journal Research Grid".
  • Click on it to "ADD".
  • By Clicking on it; a Dialog will Appear to Configure the "Element".
Journal Research Grid Settings

Settings Information

  • Number of Column: Number of Columns to Show in a Single ROW.
  • Choose Volume-Issue: To Select from the List of Published Issues. Selected Issues will be added in Issues Grid View. (Multiple Selection is Possible)
  • Pagination Options: Dots Format OR Numerical Format (at the End of Journal Grid Element
Based on the Selected Volume-Issues from "Choose Volume-Issue" Dropdown; Elements in Settings Dialog will be Generated similar like Below Screenshot.
Journal Research Grid Settings : Issue Box for Each Selected Issue
Each Generated Element Represents a "Volume-Issue" Card.

Now, It's Time to Add Information for Each "Volume-Issue" Card Element

Single Volume-Issue Card Details

Information About Fields :

  • Image : Image to be shown within the Card.
  • Title : Title of Card (E.g. Volume Number OR ISSUE Name)
  • Description : Short Description of Card (E.g. Issue Number OR Info. About Published Issue)
Visual View of Each Card on Frontend [After Adding Information]

ADD INFO IN "Volume-Issue" CARD

  • Fill Up All the Required Fields for Each Card.
  • Click on "Save Changes" Button to Save.
  • Done !

Voila! You have Successfully Added "Journal Research Grid" Element on your Page.

Frontend Page View with "Journal Research Grid" Element