Article Authors

To Setup Article Email Notifications for Authors navigate to Dashboard > Journal Research > Email Notifications > Article Status

Each Article has to pass through a predefined process of Publication. There are mainly four stages of an article: Under review, Accepted, Published, Rejected.

Whenever admin updates article from one status to another, system sends email notification to the author(s) about the status change of their article.

We have added predefined formats for each type of Status Changes.

To Update the Article Status Notification Emails.

  • Go To Particular Status Name Section (E.g. Under Review).

  • Update Subject and Email Body(Text Editor).

  • Navigate to Bottom of the Page and Click on "Save Changes" Button to Save.

To make Author Specific Customized Email , You can use Shortcodes in Email Subject and Body Part.

Available Shortcodes:

  • [title] - Article Title

  • [article_id] - Article Identifier

  • [volume] - Volume Number

  • [issue] - Issue Number

  • [date] - Article Date

  • [pub_name] - Publisher Name

  • [wordpress_email] - Wordpress Admin Email

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