Reviewer Users

List of Reviewer Users. To Manage it, Navigate to Dashboard > Users : Type "Reviewer"
"Reviewer Users" can check & Verify the authenticity of Articles which has been uploaded by Authors.
Reviewers have Below Mentioned Functionalities;
  • View Uploaded Articles
  • View / Download Article Details PDF
  • Verify Articles (Status = Under Review)
  • Submit Review for any Articles (Status = Under Review)
Anyone who has Registered & Applied for "Reviewer" will have Role = "Reviewer".

To View List of Reviewer Users

List of Reviewers
All type of Website Users can be Managed From this Page.
This page comes with Wordpress Setup. Our Plugin has just added a New Role "Reviewer" to Fulfill "Reviewer" Module Functionalities.


  • Add : Add "New Reviewer" User
  • Edit : Edit User Details
  • Delete : Remove User from Website
  • Send Password Reset : Send Password Reset Link to User by Email