Designing Article Details Page

To Design & Format Published Article Details Page of Frontend. To Design Navigate to Dashboard > Pages > "Add New".

Most of the Journal Publication Houses wants to have a Customizable Article/Paper Details (Published) Page in Frontend.

As a Feature Request,

Finally ! We have Added this Much Awaited Feature in Plugin.

About Feature

  • Design your own "Frontend Article Details Page".

  • Add any other Design Elements OR Text Blocks within the Design.

  • Remove Unwanted Article Fields/Elements if don't want to Show in Frontend.

To Design Article Details Page (Frontend).

  • Create a Page from “Admin>Pages>Add New”. This page will be used to Design your Own Customized “Article Details” Page.

  • Add "Title" of the Page According to your Need (E.g. Published Article Details).

  • Now, Its time to Design the Page.

  • Find "Page Body / Main Content" Section. You can add any Blocks / Elements in it.

  • To Add Article Details Page Related Elements, Click on "Toggle Block Inserter (+)". It will show List of Elements / Widgets.

  • Search OR Find Blocks with "(Article)" Prefix in Block Name.

  • Add Article Blocks to the Page Body Section. Design an Amazing Page Using it.

    • You can also Set Labels with Widgets.

    • You can Also Set CSS Class to Add Custom CSS on it.

    • You can Use any Other Elements/Blocks with Article Blocks.

  • Upon Completion of "Designing the Page", Click on "UPDATE/PUBLISH" to Save.

Now, Next Step is to SET the Designed Page as the Frontend Article Details Page

To Set Designed Article Details Page in Frontend.

  • Copy "URL Slug" of the Created Article Details Page from "Pages"

  • Go to "Admin> Journal Research > Wizard Settings > Advanced[TAB]"

  • Select the Created Page From the Dropdown "Article Details Page Slug". This will Link the Designed page with Plugin Structure.

  • Click on "Submit" Button to Save.

  • Done !

Voila! You have Successfully Designed "The Article Details Page".

To View Designed Article Details Page in Frontend.

  • Go to "Current Issues List", Open Article Details Page By Clicking on any Article Title.

  • Go to "Past Issues > Any Issue Papers List", Open Article Details Page By Clicking on any Article Title.

If you don't SET any "URL Slug" in Wizard Settings > Settings [TAB] : "Article Details Page Slug", Plugin will Show the Default Page Design.

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