Migration V3.0

Steps to Migrate Plugin From Version 2.0 To 3.0


To Migrate Plugin from Admin dashboard Navigate to Dashboard > Plugins and click on the “Add New” option on the top.
In the Next Page click on “Upload Plugin” Button.
By Clicking on "Upload Plugin", You will See a "File Upload Section" Below it. Browse the downloaded plugin Package(.zip) and install it.
Make Sure to Upload the Latest Version of Plugin Package (.zip).
Latest Version : 3.0.0
Activate the Plugin (if de-Activated).
On Completion; You will See a "Notice" as Shown Below.
Migration Notice - New Update
Click on Button "Click here". Clicking on it will start the Plugin Migration.
On Completion; You will See "Migration Success Page".
Plugin Migration Success Page

Done !! Your Plugin has been Migrated to Version 3.0