Journal Research Issues Carousal

To Add & Format "Journal Research Issues Carousal" Element in a Page.

This Widget Adds a Carousal (aka Slider) View of Selected Issues(Published) on any Page. Each Carousal Item shows a Magazine Front Page Kind of Image with Volume-Issue Numbers + it's "Issue Page" URL.

It helps you add Carousal of "Selected Issues" on any Page. You can use this Carousal to Showcase Recent Issues in Slider Form.

WPBakery Page Builder Wordpress Plugin Must be Installed to Use this Element.

About Widget Element

  • You can Design Carousal OR Slider of Specific Issues to Enhance Page Design.

  • You can add "any Number of Issue" Items in a Single Carousal.

  • You can Skip any Issue if you don't want to Show it.

To Add & Format "Journal Research Issues Carousal" Element (Frontend).

  • Create a Page from “Admin>Pages>Add New”. OR "Edit" any Page on which you want to ADD this Widget.

  • Find "Page Body / Main Content" Section.

  • Click on "Add New Element". This will show List of Elements.

  • Search or Find Element Named "Journal Research Issues Carousal".

  • Click on it to "ADD".

  • By Clicking on it; a Dialog will Appear to Configure the "Element".

Settings Information

  • Choose Volume-Issue: To Select from the List of Published Issues. Selected Issues will be added as Issues Carousal Item. (Multiple Selection is Possible)

Based on the Selected Volume-Issues from "Choose Volume-Issue" Dropdown; Elements in Settings Dialog will be Generated similar like Below Screenshot.

Each Generated Element Represents a "Volume-Issue" Carousal Item.

Now, It's Time to Add Information for Each "Volume-Issue" Item.

Information About Fields :

  • Image : Image to be shown within the Carousal.

  • Title : Title of Carousal Item(E.g. Volume Number OR ISSUE Name)

  • Description : Short Description of Carousal Item (E.g. Issue Number OR Info. About Published Issue)

ADD INFO IN "Volume-Issue" CARD

  • Fill Up All the Required Fields for Each Card.

  • Click on "Save Changes" Button to Save.

  • Done !

Voila! You have Successfully Added "Journal Research Issues Carousal" Element on your Page.

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