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To Update SMTP Details for Email Notifications

To Configure SMTP, there are Two Options Available.

  • Default(insecure) : Plugin will use Default WordPress Email Configuration to Send Email Notifications.

  • Custom(secure) : You can setup your own Email SMTP Details to Send Email Notifications.

Using "Default" ; All the Email Notifications may not be Received in INBOX to the Recipients.

To Change SMTP Options.

  • Click on Radio Button Default / Custom.

  • Done !

You have Successfully Updated the SMTP Option.

To ADD / UPDATE SMTP Details for "Custom" SMTP Option

Fill Up All the Required Fields.

To Send Authenticated Email Notifications, it is Required to Send it Using Email SMTP Settings.

What is required?

  • Valid Email SMTP Details : How to Find ?

  • Email Account with Password : This will be Used to Send Emails Through SMTP Settings

More Information About Other Fields :

  • From Name : Name to Show in the list of Receipt's Mail Box.

  • From Email : Sender Email id.

  • CC(Optional) : CC (Carbon Copy) lets you send a copy of the email to other people

  • BCC(Optional) : BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) also lets you send a copy of the email to other people but hides the names of the recipients from each other

Admin and Authors will not Receive any Email Notifications, if Incorrect SMTP Details has been added.

After Adding the Correct SMTP Details, Click on "Save Changes".

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