Approve Registration Req.

Approve Registration Request of Reviewer(s). To Approve Requests, Navigate to Dashboard > Users : Edit

Anyone who want to become a Reviewer has to Register himself by Using Reviewer Registration Form.

After Registration; Admin needs to "verify" and "Approve" Registration Request.

Admin Verification Depends on how much Information you require from Reviewer while registering. Admin can also directly approve the Request without any concerns.

To Approve Registration Request of a Reviewer.

  • Go to Custom Field Section.

  • Select Status (Accept / Reject)

  • Navigate to Bottom of the Page and Click on "Update User" Button to Save.

  • Done !

Voila ! Reviewer Registration Request has been Managed Successfully.

By Approving Reviewer's Registration Request; Reviewer will get Access to Below Mentioned Functionalities.

  • View List of Articles

  • Download Article File (File Submitted by Author From Article Submission Page)

  • Submit Reviews for the Listed Article(s)

  • View/Download Published Article(s)

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