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"Paper Id" is an Auto Generated Field and cannot be Edited.

Information About Fields :

  • Title : Article Title

  • Paper Id : Autogenerated Article Id to Uniquely Identify the Article

  • Area of Research : Article Subject for which the Article has been Written

  • Abstract : A brief summary of a research article, thesis, conference proceeding, or any in-depth analysis of a particular subject and is often used to help the reader quickly ascertain the paper's purpose.

  • Author Name : Name of Main Author

  • Author Institute : Institute Name

  • Author Email Id : Email of Main Author

  • Co-Author(s) Details

    • Name : Name of Co-Author

    • Institute : Institute Name

    • Email Id : Email of Author

  • Contact Number : Primary Phone/Mobile Number

  • Country : Country from which Main Author Resides

  • Upload Article : RAW Research Article Submitted by Author.

    • Permissible File Types : .doc , .docx

    • Max File Size : As Configured in "Wizard Settings"

  • Status : Article Status

    • Under Review

    • Accepted

    • Published

    • Rejected

  • Payment Status : Status of Payment made by Author after "Article" has been Accepted by Admin.

    • Pending

    • Paid

    • Not Paid

  • Select Volume : Volume Number in which the Article will be Published and Listed on Website (Current Issue, Past Issue Pages)

  • Select Issue : Issue Number in which the Article will be Published and Listed on Website

  • Page No(Start - End) : Start - End Page Numbers of an Article.

  • DOI : DOI Number of an Article. To get DOI Number for any Article Visit : https://www.doi.org/

  • Date of Article Published : Article Publish Date added by Admin

  • Month : Month in which Article has been Published

  • Published Article : Final Verified & Formatted Article.

Review Details

Article(s) submitted by Author(s) has to be Reviewed by either Reviewer or Admin.

Admin can do Following things in Article Review Section.


To Remove Invalid OR Inappropriate Review.

  • Click on "Delete" Button

By Clicking on "Delete", any Review that was previously added in Article will be Permanently Removed.


To Submit Admin Review

  • Fill Up All the Required Fields

  • Navigate to Bottom of Section and Click on "Submit" Button to Save.

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