Payment Receipt
List of Payment Receipt(s) Uploaded by Authors in respect of their Accepted Article(s). To Manage it, Navigate to Dashboard > Journal Research > Payment Receipt.

Manage Payment Receipt

Manage Payment Receipts


View Payment Receipt

View Payment Receipt

Accept / Reject Payment Receipt

To Accept / Reject Payment Receipt click on Respective Button.
Author will get Status Email Notification based on your Selection from "Accept" OR "Reject".
  • Accepted Payment Receipts will have ( ✔ ) icon in the Row.
  • Rejected Payment Receipts will have ( ❌ ) icon in the Row.
  • Article Status will also gets updated to "PAID" after Accepting Payment Receipt.

Send Reminder

To Send "Payment Receipt Reupload Reminder" to Author; click on ⏱ Button.
This will Send Email Notification Regarding Reupload of Payment Receipt for the Respective Article.
Send Reminder Button for Payment Receipt(Rejected)
You can Also Navigate to the Article Connected with Payment Receipt by Clicking on Respective "Article ID".
Last modified 1yr ago