Publication Configuration

Journal Research > Wizard Settings : Publication Configuration

To Update Publication Configuration

Fill Up All the Required Fields.

After Changing the Details, Click on "Save Changes".

Each and Every fields are being used in one or more functionalities of the Plugin. So, it is important to Configure the Plugin Properly.

More Information About Fields :

  • Publication Name : Journal Publication Company Name OR Website Name

  • Publication Start Date : Birth-date OR Launch Date of Journal Publication Website. These Date will be used to Manage Volume-Issues Publishing Articles.

  • Subjects For Which You Will Accept The Articles : List of Article categories for which your publication website want to Accept the Articles.

  • Article Prefix : A prefix used in Generating Unique IDs for Submitting Articles

  • Countries For Which You Accept The Articles : Countries List for Submitting Articles

  • Submission Notifications : On Submission of Article(s) by Author; Admin will Receive Email Notification about the Submission.

  • Is Your System Multiple Authored : Enable it, if you Allow Multiple Authored Articles be Submitted on your Website.

  • Maximum Number Of Co-Authors In An Article : Maximum Allowed Co-Authors for an Article.

  • Issue Frequency : No. of Issues your Website will Publish in a Year.

    • Options [Available] : 2, 6, 12 Issues Per Year

  • Recaptcha(optional) : Google Recaptcha to Protect Spam Article Submissions. To use this Feature You must Have LIVE Website and Recaptcha Site and Secret Keys. You can generate it from HERE.

  • Directory URL : Directory on Which you want to save all your Article files(doc,docx).

    • Default Directory: "Wp-content/uploads/journal"

    • Note: Directory Must have Access Rights to Store the Files

  • Upload File Size : Maximum Permissible File Size For Articles.

    • Default : 5 MB*

Installation will Continue if all the Required Details are Filled Up. If you still get problems with installation you can always contact us. We'll respond you within 48 hours. you can get in touch using below buttons.

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