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As a Part of Journal Publication Process; each Article that has been submitted to Websites has to be reviewed first and then after it should be Published on Website.

So, Whenever Reviewer Checks any Article and Submits Review for it; Admin has to verify the Submitted Review and Proceed the Article Further for Publishing.

This Page Shows Details about "Submitted Review".

To Accept/Reject the Article Review

  • Go To Bottom of the Page Click on Respective Button.

Button Information

Accept : To Accept the Article Review and Proceed the Article Further in Publication Process.

Reject : To Reject the Review. Review Submitted by Reviewer will gets rejected and Respective Article will be available for review again to all the Reviewers.

Information About Fields

"Article Information Section"

Shows basic Info. necessary to identify any Article.

  • Article Id

  • Title

  • Author Name

  • Area of Research

  • Abstract

  • Article Download URL

"Review Comments Section"

Shows Complete Review Details with Reviewer Name

Reviewed By : Reviewer Name

Evaluation Information

  • Relevance of Topic, Technical Content & Correctness

  • Novelty & Originality of Idea

  • Scholarly Quality of Article

  • Reviewer Comments

Recommendation Details

  • Recommendation Of Reviewer

  • Does the Introduction State the purpose of the Article?

  • Is the paper clearly Written and well organized?

  • Does the conclusion clearly stated in Article?

  • Author have to change abstract

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