Copyright Doc Status Emails

To Setup Copyrights Document Status Email Notifications for Authors navigate to Dashboard > Journal Research > Email Notifications > Copyright Document Status

Whenever admin Verifies "Copyrights Transfer Document" of any Article and Updates the Status(Accept/Reject), system sends an email notification to author(s) about Copyright Document Status.

We have added predefined formats for each type of Status Changes (Accept /Reject).

To Update the Status Email Notification Format.

  • Go To Particular Status Name Section (E.g. Accepted).

  • Update Subject and Email Body(Text Editor).

  • Navigate to Bottom of the Page and Click on "Save Changes" Button to Save.

To make Author Specific Customized Email , You can use Shortcodes in Email Subject and Body Part.

Available Shortcodes:

  • [title] - Article Title

  • [article_id] - Article Identifier

  • [volume] - Volume Number

  • [issue] - Issue Number

  • [date] - Article Date

  • [pub_name] - Publisher Name

  • [wordpress_email] - Wordpress Admin Email

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